• Multi Van Insurance - Getting A Cheap Deal

    The main dilemma people face is do you insure your vans separately or do you group them together under a multi van insurance?

    If you are running just two or three vans it may turn out to be cheaper to insure them seperatly especially if you have say one young driver and a couple of older drivers as fleet insurers regularly take the highest risk and then load the other vehicles the same. (it takes the worst vehicle and youngest driver and applies this to The whole fleet when giving the quote).

    Then there is also the advantage of being able to spread your costs by paying for different vans at different times of the year. So being able to avoid the dreaded loading when paying by monthly direct debit. The down side to this is it is much easier to miss a renewal date; say be it the insurance, or maybe even the breakdown cover or road vehicle tax. You basically multiply the work for every van you run. Also if the same driver drives the same van all the time and you are running a small fleet. It would then probably be viable to insure the vans individually.

    The turning point will probably come when you want every driver being able to drive every van. Which is at the point when you don't just have just a few vans, when at the end of the day the driver Drives the van home and parks it in his drive. But you have premises where all the vans are kept so It is much more likely that any driver on any given day will be driving any of the vans. So at this time multi van insurance (multi vehicle/fleet policy) insurance is probably the way to go. Remember always hunt around for the best deals and possibly cash backs and always check when Your renewal comes up that you are still getting a good deal for the following year, as often you are not, so good luck and welcome to the insurance decision minefield.


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