• What Are The - Cheapest First Cars To Insure For Young Drivers

    This is always a bit of a disputed field as the goal posts with insurance change daily and therefore so do the Cheapest first cars to insure for young drivers. But at this point in time these are my best choices.

    If you buy any of the cars i mention below you will of bought one of the cheapest first cars to insure for young drivers, New drivers or as a matter of fact just about any driver.

    citroen c1

    vauxhall corsa

    renault clio

    peugeot 106

    citroen 2CV6

    volkswagen beetle ( original one )

    Volkswagen Fox

    Seat Ibiza

    Fiat Uno

    Chevrolet Spark

    This is my particular short list of the cheapest first cars to insure for young drivers and there are various others that you could add to this or your list when hunting for your first car. So dont be scared to deviate from this list. Sticking with it though and you will get your insurance premium as low as you possibly can.

  • Cheap first car to insure for young drivers

    This question is one of the most asked questions now from young drivers who are learning to drive and are desperate to be able to afford to get on the road once they have passed their driving test. There is always the odvious ones that have been favourites for young drivers for the last ten years. These include the small citroens, Peoguets, Fiats etc. we all know these cars and most of them have been thrashed to death by consequative boy racers and are just about ready for the scrap heap. If you are a young driver and looking for a cheap first car to insure. It is time to look a bit harder and start getting away from the mainstream of thinking.

    I know what you are thinking when you first looked at that image i just posted above. This is a picture of one of the original fiat 500s. These cars are starting to get quite rare now. The new fiat 500 is quickly becoming a modern classic just as the original one has become over the last few decades. So back to the point if you can succesfully seek out one of these then you should buy it immediatly. Your joking i here you say. No i am definately not if you can find an original fiat 500 that is road worthy and at a reasonable price. You will of bought yourself a perfect first car to insure and just as importantly bought yourself a car that as long as you maintain and improve why you own it. Will probably be as good a return on your investment as you can hope to achieve in todays financial climate. Thirdly insurance companies are really turning to these sort of cars as viable options for first cars to insure for young drivers. They are prepared to give a heafty discount for the young driver prepared to seek out and buy one of these classics.

    The other option that instantly springs to mind in this category is the good old Citroen 2cv. This is just as good an option as the fiat 500 and are getting rarer to find an going up in value all the time. So the same applies if you see one at a decent price snap it up as this is anothe prime example of a cheap first car to insure for young drivers. Others to consider are the see below

    I could not miss out the lovely british made Morris Minor when doing a post along this line of thought. a great little car. I also bet you can instantly recognise what the last car on my list is going to be as well. As it is the only real classic from the era that was a mass produced car at the budget end of motoring of its time. Yes you have guessed it the VW Beetle.

    So there you have it if you are prepared to get away from the mainstream and want a car that will increase in value. Has loads of charactor and will stay with you forever go and buy one of these cars and you will of founf a cheap first car to insure for any young driver..........


Cheap Cars To Insure For Young Drivers


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